I had made a couple of attempts to have a blog in the past,  some died at birth and some lived shortly until they grew teeth, but all of them were abandoned (like letters wrote and torn) because of my poor time management, occasional wipes of all my ambitions or the earthquakes in my mindset, Its been quiet a while now that I haven’t post in any blog, like 3 three years or so, I itched many times for writing a blog but goddamn it, I always was looking for a free time to start blogging and I was just wrong, as the time passed I only got busier and busier not any more free, and now I’m starting this blog while I’m at the busiest times of my life (working 14 hours a day, 7 days of week), and I’m glad that I didn’t postpone it any further because that way it won’t happen ever I’m afraid.

The Idea of having a domain name for myself was coined by my  dear friend and workmate Mahdi who -secretly-  registers domains and resells hosting for his customers, I’m very grateful to him for his role in pushing me into having this blog and do what must be done.

From now on I’ll be unloading my thoughts and experiences of my days in this place, hoping to make sense of them for you and of course for myself. please walk along with me and don’t forget to leave a comment, it will be very much appreciated.