Depression and Resolution

Many of us have been sometimes in situation where one feels the whole world and life in it is absurd or even worse, a bad dream, a torture. in situations like facing excessive failures, disasters, traumas etc.

You know, life never betrays, it all happens because of the rules and reasons, despair comes when someone accepts its faith, but there is no prophecy, no faith, you should not believe in any  fairy tales, or religions, they bring our expectation of life to a severely dangerous level that when their curtains fall and one faces the reality of life the dream becomes unreachable and vanishes into a depression/anger/rebellion which happens only if you are not resolute enough, a resolute man find no (existential) reasons to regret.

In all cases when I fall into an argument with a religions person, at some stages they start to yell “why don’t you kill yourself?, why you do good acts when there is no judgement or reward?, how can you be happy by having such beliefs?” I think these questions rise from lack of resolution, when one fails to see a few meters further in horizon, because there are thousand different ways of thinking, eg: isn’t really any other purpose for whole life on earth other than determining who must go heaven and who must go hell to enjoy/suffer eternally?

And of course these different ways of thinking branches out in their mind sometimes, some people manage to mute them over and over so they grow a thick skin for ignoring them for the rest of their lives, but in some the thoughts win, they start to find other ideologies acceptable, they start to doubt seriously about their sweet beliefs and its very hard for them to get over with, some start to revolt against humanity values and, get sick of the whole existence -hence the term “existential hatred” coins in- there will be depression, but let me tell you, this is also a result of lack of resolution, because when thinking well about it, life is actually more meaningful with its truth accepted, logic is always beautiful, having an equation solved by logic feels a lot better than having an unsolved equation in mind which is watermarked by fairy tales that try to force us into stopping to think about solving it, when we the clouds of superstition gets clear from our life, when we accept that we have this one body, this one earth and this one life, the real values of humanity start to emerge, the importance of enjoying your life, the happiness, loving and the Arts, Nature and Literature.

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