Some Rules that I live by and you should too! (specially at tough times)

Don’t Expect Everyone To Like You And don’t cry when they don’t, get used to it. You don’t have to like everybody and not everybody has to like you, that’s why there are many humans. Many popular and successful people have tons of fans and haters at the same time, guess what would happen if… Read More


One night when I and my friend were climbing into mountains, it was around 1 AM and we were in a part of Alborz mountains few hours away from any civilization. I was alone ahead and separated from my company a bit (he used to take frequent breaks to rest) and I was almost reached the top… Read More


I had made a couple of attempts to have a blog in the past,  some died at birth and some lived shortly until they grew teeth, but all of them were abandoned (like letters wrote and torn) because of my poor time management, occasional wipes of all my ambitions or the earthquakes in my mindset, Its… Read More