Some Rules that I live by and you should too! (specially at tough times)

Don’t Expect Everyone To Like You

And don’t cry when they don’t, get used to it. You don’t have to like everybody and not everybody has to like you, that’s why there are many humans. Many popular and successful people have tons of fans and haters at the same time, guess what would happen if they would start crying and losing their ways because there are some people hating them? they would never climb up the ladder of success to that level. But Of course you should welcome feedback and analyse yourself constantly, some one who disagree with you can give you better  knowledge of yourself than some one who is in love with you.

Don’t Give A Fuck What Other People Think Of You

In other words live a life true to yourself, don’t try to live up to other Peoples standards or expectations because we all have one life and we can’t afford to live some other people lives. Every individual has the right to be unique in his ways and manners and believe me that’s the way we are meant live. I know it is hard to be ourselves in every situation, our instincts seek safety because we may get criticized harshly at times because some people can’t stand it, they can’t stand to see an individual express his personality and let go of the need to make everyone like him.

Constantly Remind Yourself  To Be Happy

You are the only person who is responsible for your happiness, The World Doesn’t care if you are happy or not, your genes does, happiness is the default state of human beings, but we get used to stimulation to make us happy, but we can be happy at our own will.

Present Moment Is The Only Moment Worth Living

All the good things happen in the present moment, Now is the only moment when we are  aware of whats happening around us, we can make decisions take actions, be happy, feel love and friendship, connect with people around us and be Alive, the past is already gone and the future is out of our control, so stop worrying and start Living.

Live As A Gift To The World

Live as if you are a gift to the world. Find who you are, what your greatest gifts are? what are the best things you can give to the world at any situation? give it fully. Make yourself the greatest gift you can be for the world.

I can write for days about these, but For now that’s it.