On Being An Introvert

It’s very fascinating how the personality of us the human beings gets shaped throughout life. I’ve recently been reading a book named “The Power Of Now” by Echart Tolle. One of book’s statements which resonated profoundly with me is that a shy guy is shy because he has a big ego to protect. Although I’m bold and energetic, I grew up as a shy and introverted person and I’m in a complete mute mode when I’m in a social group most of the times. That Echart Tolle statement was the last piece of puzzle to explain the main mechanics of the whole process which makes me or any other person introverted and it goes like this:
When you spend most of your time into your head analyzing or reviewing problems or the amazing things that your capable of; you lose the magic of moments. when you are in the moment the world is a light place and you experience it fully. Your brain records the moments with vivid clarity. This memories form the basic ingredient of the conversations extroverted people are having every day and when you don’t have them, you don’t have much things for the people around you to say. so the less you speak in social groups the less skilled you become in it and the less you see yourself entitled to speak for the group. And even when you say something, most of the times it is off rhythm or offending to people and leads to your embarrassment. as a result you retreat further into your head to protect your ego. this process is a trap like a loop that feeds itself.
Living as an introvert has its own advantage and disadvantages. For example introverts are usually very creative artists (most artists are perceived as egocentric) and also read a lot more than extroverts in other words they are information junkies and are better in theoretic stuff than practice. but their social ineptness makes them isolated and restricts their friends to small minority of the people who are like them. They are possessed by big egos. I view ego as a black hole, which thrives approval, attention and never gets fed, it’s the root of all evil, it is all the fears, it is selfishness. one cannot contribute to humanity fully without first overcoming his ego.
The Degree of charisma and effectiveness Introverts have depends on two things: the level they are controlled by their ego, and the ability to be in peace with themselves. By peace I mean being at ease in the world and aware of the moment. Shutting off the constant noise in head is not easy, it demands willpower to practice improve. Today’s world is designed to send a constant stream of stimulation and distraction towards you by things like ads, cellphones, TV and computers, focus is becoming rarer and rarer everyday to gain. And if you have a critical and curious mind which can’t leave anything unresolved or stand the smallest bit of ambiguity, guess what? your head will be a noisy place. managing the direction of thought is a skill required for everyone to learn. Focus is a muscle which gets better by exercise. I’m not an expert in this area but right now I’m trying different things like meditation and I’m getting good results maybe later I write something about it.
By the way this was all my own ideas and what I perceive as true at the moment, maybe introverts are really born and there is genome for it and it has nothing to do with how they are treated by people. but I’m sure that humanity owes a lot of it’s depth to them.