One night when I and my friend were climbing into mountains, it was around 1 AM and we were in a part of Alborz mountains few hours away from any civilization. I was alone ahead and separated from my company a bit (he used to take frequent breaks to rest) and I was almost reached the top of a hill then suddenly found myself  facing 3 wild dogs, big and hungry, I didn’t think at all and unwilling screamed and ran into them, they escaped!

Since that time a question appeared in my head, that why would a team of 3 hungry dogs fear a tired and worn man? It made me believe  again that fear is a distinct  independent of power, fear lies in the soul of the beholder. that’s why in a country where 99% of population complains about their government, people fear their government. fear is an instant feeling and takes you when you Deserve it, that night maybe I didn’t deserve to die so I didn’t feel any fear, I got only furious at them, they deserved to stay hungry so they scared, we people deserve the life the government provide for us so we fear them.