People analysed on sight

Since the time I read the book: “How to analyse people on sight”, A big hairy confusion has been growing in my head: Is something as true self really exists? I think, we are what we think we are and what we want to be, we can change, as we change trough time, and when we change our ideals change and we find our true self in being that ideal. but yes still some of our characteristics depend our physical characteristics. as the mentioned book said.

It had shaped mind int thinking by the axes of body types but hell I not only got worse in analyzing people, I am more confused too, because I, myself has changed a lot since I remember myself, from cerebral to thoracic and to muscular and osseous and everything in between times and times again. but I can’t simply deny what the book says, I’ve seen many people in my life that have been acting according to their type!

Now, Does something as Ideal Mate really exist?  I don’t think so about this either, because as we change our mate can change as well and yet any one can be our ideal mate.  because we can change to conform to his/her Ideals. Of course there are some boundaries for everyone for accepting someone as a possible mate. and the people who fit inside this boundary all can be an Ideal mate. but the desire should be there, the desire to wanting someone blindly is a good scale if you can love someone for more than 6 months.